Andarmahal Zee Bangla TV Serial

Zee Bangla has started airing a new TV show named Andar Mahal.  It delves into the life of,  as they say, a  house-wife, who can be any one amongst us.

How much do we know about those so called house-wives in our life ? Are we even aware of their likes and dislikes ?

Andar Mahal Story Line :

The story is about Parameswari portrayed by Koneenica, who loses her identity after marriage. She becomes someone’s wife, bou-ma, mother and so on. How she discovers her real self and get an identity of her own, is what the serial is all about.

Andar Mahal Bengali TV show

Andar Mahal Zee Bangla

Yes, Koneenica Banerjee makes a comeback after several TV shows,  the likes of Ek akasher niche, Swapnaneel, Megh brishti, Neel simana and Ek maaser goppo.  So does Arjun Chakraborty in Jamai Raja .

Andar Mahal Cast & Crew :

Story / Script : Leena Gangopadhyay
Music : Debojyoti Mishra

Andar Mahal Star Cast :

Koneenica Banerjee as Parameshwari
Kaushik Chakraborty as Parameswari’s husband
Anasuya Majumdar
Rita Dutta Chakraborty
Rita Dutta Chakraborty
Santu Mukherjee -Parameswari’s father in law
Chandan Sen
Rahul Chakraborty
Shakti Dey
Surojit Bandyopadhyay

5th June onwards,  Monday to Friday at 10.30 PM


Andarmahal : Watch latest Episode :

10 Responses

  1. Mily Ghosh says:

    I like Andarmahal very much. I even, can’t help waiting to see it. But last few episodes are quite boring. Same setting, same dialogue, same reactions…Please make it interesting .

  2. Barnali Banerjee says:

    Andermahal is a very low quality drama . No positive thinking . Around the serial only negative waves

  3. Jayeeta Guha says:

    Hey the serial andarmahal and jamairaja r very good go ahead guys ,,,Ai 2to serial star jalsa k darunn tekka dieche ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ….. I thnk its my thinking

  4. Jayeeta Guha says:

    Oh I forgot to say eta shomajer protichobi keo rule dhorche darunn

  5. BijayKrishnaRoy says:

    Earlier dialogues didn’t impress me when father in law was very rude on parameshwari along with others.Now situation changing following the mood of viewers .Specially when Santu Mukherjee spelt his mistakes in bold words criticising the daughters in law in their behaviour .Very good going ahead .All the best !!

  6. Mihir Kumar Sarkar says:

    After long days i found very nice and bold acting by koninika Banerjee.She is the best.. dialogue by abhisek n koninika are really awesome…All the best

  7. Chaitali Sanyal says:

    May I know whose rabindrasangeet are being used in the serial Andarmahal? Is it Shrabani Sen?

  8. Sangita says:

    The serial started on a very good note…Now ig has become very very boring


    I like the serial Andarmahal very much as I can see this with my family . We really enjoy it. Keep it up . A good family drama with real life situations . I admire the script writer and the acting of all the characters to match it

  10. Very much disappointed and dejected on consecutive two epidodes of,”Andarmahal” i.e 19th and 20 th april’18.Hats off to your director,who really has helped me triggering my dejection button in mind so as not to watch anymore and saved my valuable time.While on the subject,one cardinal point requires to be in focus,that any serial when it becomes the prototype of life in practical field is bound to win the viewers heart and soul and deviation from there becomes a trash.
    That’s why,elevation of acting at the level of akin to real life crowns the glory.

    i am to reiterate that repetition of human emotive area consuming a considerable time becomes a irritating buffoonery and the same thing had happened on both captioned days.Thanks once again for manifesting your quality of keeping me aloof from the serial for the coming days.
    Last and not the least,you care less or not for a viewer like me but clearing throat without inhibitions a different feeling altogether.
    Thanks once again,
    Gautam Saha

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