Jagaddhatri TV Serial, Zee Bangla, Zee5 Cast, Story, Time

Jagaddhatri Zee Bangla TV Serial

Jagaddhatri TV Serial Story Line :

In Jagaddhatri TV serial Jagaddhatri is just like another next door girl. She has a step mother, step sisters and a grandmother to call her family. But she is extremely lonely out there. She has to do all the household chores herself, but still her step mother is always have a lot of complaints against her. Only her grandmother loves her. She is the only person who comes to her rescue. After managing all household chores, she works in an NGO for the hearing impaired.

Life goes on. Once Jagaddhatri visits a fair with her NGO girls. On her way back, a gang of goons create trouble for them . The situation turns such that the Police also fails to rescue them. Then only Jagaddhatri shows her real self. She turns out to be a Intelligence officer. Her code name is JAS. She rescues the girls. But in Jagaddhatri TV serial she does not want to disclose her identity for professional reasons only.

Cast and Crew :

Produced by : Blues Production
Producer: Snehasish Chakraborty
Director: Ranjoy Roy
Story & Screenplay: Snehasish Chakraborty
Editor: Bapon & Sumit
Director of Photography: Sukanta Baag

Jagaddhatri TV Serial Cast :

Ankita Mallick as Jagaddhatri Sanyal

Soumyadeep Mukherjee as Swayambhu Mukherjee

Rupsha Chakraborty as Koushiki Mukherjee

Kanchana Moitra as Sakuntala Sanyal, Jagaddhatri’s step mom

Sanchari Das as Mehendi Sanyal, Jagaddhatri’s step sister

Biplab Banerjee as Deb Sanyal, Jagaddhatri’s father

Soma Dey as Jagaddhatri’s grandmother

Shobhana Bhunia as Upasana

Somasree Chaki as Nupur

Roshni Ghosh as Aradhana

Prerana Bhattacharjee as Sangvi

Sahamita Acharya as Mouma, Jagaddhatri’s step sister

Gourav Ghosal as Menan

Aditya Chowdhury as Samaresh, Koushiki’s husband

Arka Chakraborty as Utsab Mukherjee

Moumita Gupta as Boidehi Mukherjee, Swayambhu’s step mother

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