Kopal Kundala Star Jalsha

Kopal Kundala is the latest addition from Star Jalsha. A new Bengali TV serial is being launched by Star Jalsha . The show will be based on the novel Kapalkundala by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Several movies have been made on this novel by Chattopadhyay. A TV serial based on this story again will definitely be interesting to watch. Though a Hindi TV serial was aired long back by Doordarshan National (DD). Indrani Haldar was in the star cast for the same.

Kapalkundalal Kopal Kundola Star Jalsha Serial

Talking about cast, Soumi Chatterjee will portray the lead role in this TV show. Earlier she performed in the lead role of Dipabali in Deepabolir Satkahan , an Akash Aat channel TV serial. Though she is of a tender age, her acting skill was appreciated by all alike. Her performance as Deepabali is astounding in this TV show.

Coming back to Kopal Kundala Star Jalsha cast. Debojyoti Roy Chowdhury will portray the role of Kapalik. Viwers are eager to see who else will be there in the star cast.

Produced by : Raj Chakraborty Productions

Star Cast :

Soumi Chatterjee as KapalKundala

Debojyoti Roy Chowdhury as Kapalik

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প্রতিকূল পরিস্থিতির মধ্যেও বেঁচে থাকার অদম্য ইচ্ছার গল্প- কপালকুন্ডলা। আসছে স্টার জলসা-এ। #KopalKundola#StarJalsha#স্টারজলসা

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