Sreemoyee Star Jalsha Serial

Sreemoyee, Star Jalsha ‘s new Bangla TV serial. Lets have a look at its cast and crew, synopsis , story line, title songs and music.

Srimoyee Star Jalsha

Story Line :

Sreemoyee is a so called house-wife with a apparently picture-perfect family. Her life revolves around her know-all husband, and their three children.

Ankush – their eldest son, is a doctor by profession

Pratyush: the younger son, has completed his graduation, earned his degree and is still trying to find his footing

and the youngest daughter is a high school student.

She never thought of finding her own identity or further her talent in cooking. Her own family takes her for granted. Her ‘picture perfect’ family seems to be an illusion. In Sreemoyee Star Jalsha serial, she takes up a a journey to create an identity of her own which is not just that of a homemaker, but as Sreemoyee, the person.

Dika  Saptarshi Moulik Sreemoyee Star Jalsha

Down the line her husband decides to move out and live together with his girlfriend June. In a ridiculous fashion, Sreemoyee’s family members start blaming her for this as well. Sreemoyee decides to leave her so called home. After a long persuasion by Dika she somehow comes back. She now takes up small job works of stitching. Her domestic help stretches her arm in this venture. Now, the family members find another flaw in Sreemoyee. But this time she remains adamant in making her own identity at any cost. What happens next ?

Cast and Crew :

Produced by : Magic Moments Motion Pictures PVT Ltd
Creative Director and Writer : Leena Gangopadhyay

Star Cast :

Sreemoyee : Indrani Halder
Chitra Sen as Mother-in-law
Sudip Mukherjee as Husband
Saptarshi Moulik as Dika (Son )
Oishi Bhattacharya as Daughter
Ushasie Chakraborty as June
among others

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3 Responses

  1. Moushumi Mitra says:

    At times the makers make it so dramatic, the protagonist is constantly subjected to insults and the protagonist is unable to retaliate.
    I ask 3 questions
    1. How can u even pen down such derogatory dialogues, like eg Jambo the elder son telling his mother dadang kore ghoorte jaacho, shob naatok, neejer shonshar baachate paaroni ( and the mother just stands and listens … she doesn’t turn around and retaliates. He insults her dirtily.

    • Moushumi Mitra says:

      2 ) why are the fighting decibels so loud and dirty?
      3) Why does one topic gets stretched like rubber until we feel like a plastic rubber left in our mouth

  2. I myself and my till now did not missed any episode, story was blended so nicely very common in upper middle class family, Acting part all the artist performed their best, now let me narrate the negative part of the serial, Hope you will pay attention…..
    1. The music in some part is more louder than the dialogue,
    2. Upto sreemoyee divorce episode the story is really acceptable and nicely projected. Then onward the story turns towards unpractical manner….. accepting their maid’s daughter, taking them on pleasure trip, Steemoyee nature drastically changed, previously kind hearted home maker having tolerance, now commanding bold rigid…, for her created disturbances in other families….. once Sreemoyee was ideal lady now most distructive lady.,..

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