Adol Bodol Colors Bangla

Adol Bodol is an upcoming reality show of Colors Bangla, hosted by Kanchan Mallick. We will have a glimpse of audition process, how to participate and contact phone numbers of this show.

Adol Bodol , Adal Badal colors bangla

A few questions , answer them right and Bingo !! Your old TV will get transformed into a brand new LED TV. Or for that matter your old refrigerator will get replaced by the latest double door one.

Adal Badal : Format of the Show :

The selected Participants along with his family and friends, will have to put at stake their own electronic gadgets/appliances in order to participate in each round of a game of answering trivia quiz so as to stand a chance to win upgraded electronic gadgets/appliances in each such round if the Selected Participant along with his family/friends wins the quiz in each such round. Further, in case the Selected Participant along family/friends wins any upgraded electronic gadgets/appliances he/she will have to donate the electronic gadgets/appliances that they have put at stake to any person of his/her choice.

However, if they fail to give the correct answer/s, they do not get the upgraded electronic gadgets/appliances and lose the electronic gadgets/appliances that they have put at stake and he/she will have to donate such electronic gadgets/appliances to any person of his/her choice.

How to participate : Adol Bodol Colors Bangla

The participant(s) who is interested in participating and qualifying for the Entry Process are required to give a missed call to 9999255049.

The participant(s) will then receive a push back message acknowledging their entries.

After all the missed call entries are received by the Channel within the Period, all the participants, would require to undergo an audition process as may be finalized by channel at its sole discretion.

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In selecting the Short Listed Participants, channel may conduct series of auditions of with the Participants which may include telephonic conversations, visiting their home, exchange of photographs and / or videos of the participants through mobile phone or any other means of communications as the channel may deem fit for the process.

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