Radha TV Serial Zee Bangla

Radha, a popular TV Serial airing on Zee Bangla. Let’s have alook at its cast, story line, latest episode details, songs  et all.

Radha Serial Zee Bangla


Radha Serial Zee Bangla : Story Line

Its a  story of a girl called Radha. She is a girl of strong ethics and morality. Her family owns a small cloth shop in the suburbs. She is much talented so far as making tailor-made clothes are concerned.  There is a flip side of the story as she is over-weight and careless about her appearance.

As the destiny had it, she meets Krish, the owner of a fashion house in Kolkata. In a sharp contrast to Radha, he is a well groomed guy with a toned body.   They do not get along well with each other as Radha feels turned off  by this aggressive guy and Krish feels turned off by Radha because of her being an over-sized  girl with casual appearance.

Radha TV Serial Zee Bangla Star Cast :

Aemila Sadhukhan as Raadha
Ravi Shaw as Krishna Banerjee aka Krish
Rupsha Chatterjee as Zaara Sharma
Dolly Basu as Shobha Banerjee -Krish’s  mother
Anindita Bose as Konkona/Kakon- Krish’s sister
Bodhisatwa Mukherjee as Subhendu Banerjee – Krish’s  father
Rohit Mukherjee as Dulal Bera- Raadha’s father

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Radha : Watch latest episode :

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  1. Biswanath Dutta says:

    Radha was good up to Happy ending But The serial right form the beginning is very negative and is Projecting Doctors and Police as most corrupt people of the society. Very bad for society.

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