Aye Khuku Aye Serial

Aye Khuku Aye Serial is a new offering from Sun Bangla. Rahul Banerjee and Sandipta Sen will play the lead roles in Ay Khuku Ay. We will have a look at its cast, story, title song and episode updates.

Aye khuku aye serial Sun Bangla

Four years ago Rahul and Sandipta tied up for the first time for TV show Tumi Asbe Bole. It was a huge success and enjoyed high TRP. Now this couple of Rahul and Sandipta is back in Aye Khuku Aye serial.

Story Line :

Sandipta Sen plays the role of Rani. Rani is a housewife in a powerful family. Her in-laws make sure to make her life miserable by some way or the other. Her husband and father in law expects a male child from her. But she gives birth to a cute and extremely lovable baby girl. But that annoys her in-laws. They ask her to abandon her daughter.

On the other hand Abir suffers from autism. Rahul Banerjee portrays the role of Abir. Abir is not acceptable in his family. His elder brother keeps him away from their family affairs.

As destiny had it, Abir ends up meeting Rani’s daughter. He decides to bring her up on his own. He eventually plays the dual roles of mother and father of her.

Both Rani and Abir are victims of conspiracy. All of a sudden they meet each other. But at the initial stage they were not in touch. In what circumstances they meet each other ? What happens next ?

Aye Khuku Aye Cast :

  • Sandipta Sen
  • Rahul Arunoday Banerjee

Durga Durgeshwari Star Jalsha

Kunjo Chaya Serial Star Jalsha

আসছে নতুন ধারাবাহিক “আয় খুকু আয়”, 23 সেপ্টেম্বর থেকে প্রতিদিন রাত 9 PM -এ। শুধুমাত্র Sun Bangla -য় #SunBangla#AyeKhukuAye#MonePraneBangali#StayTuned

Show time : 9 PM from 23rd September 2019 : Sun Bangla

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