Dwiragaman -Zee Bangla

Dwiragaman -Zee Bangla

Story Line :

The Story of a newly wed couple. They have to  win the hearts of their sisters & sisters in law against all the odds.

Generally when a young bride enters the house of her in-laws she is dominated and taken to task by her mother in law. Mother in law vs Daughter in law is a regular phenomenon in any Indian household and any Indian serial. But this is a story with a difference where is no mother in law, instead five sisters in law dominate.

Diragaman Zee Bangla

From 18th August 2014 at 9PM …

Star Cast :

Bijoy Lakshmi Chatterjee as Michri

Ashish Deb as  Saran

Sabyasachi Chakaraborty

Pushpita Mukherjee

Lili Chakraborty

Indrakshi Nag

Priti Biswas

Ria Dey

Bulbuli Panja among others


Dwiragomon Episode Video :





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