Sesher Golpo Bengali Movie 2019

Sesher Golpo is a Bengali movie inspired form Sesher Kobita by Rabindranath Tagore.

shesher galpa bengali movie 2019

You know Amit and Labanya from Shesher Kobita. Shesher Golpo Bengali movie in an extension of Shesher Kobita, where we see many decades after the separation of the protagonist characters, Amit Ray now runs an old age home in the outcasts of Kolkata. His friend Narendra takes care of that as a manager.

Just like any other new member o, one day a retired professor of the Oxford university visits this old age home, To his surprise Amit discovers her to be Labanya Dutta, his long lost love.

No wonder there is a strong bonding between Amit and Labanya. There’s twist in the tale with a parallel story line of young couple, Akash and Kuhu. They somehow face similar situation as Amit & Labanya had faced several years ago.

What happens next ? Does this love story click this time ?

Crew :

Produced by Swastika Film Production
Directed by Jiit Chakraborty
Presented by Joydeb Samadder -Bio-Cine Production
Executive Producer : Rupak Majumder and Shaan
Script : Other Byapery
DoP : Souvik Basu
Music : Joy Sarkar
Lyrics : Rajib Chakraborty
Editor : Sanjib Dutta
Costume : Sulagna
Sound Designing : Anup Mukherjee
Concept : Jiit Chakraborty
Associate Director : Brishni Roy Choudhury
Creative Producer : Soumyajit Ganguly
Sound Mixing : Biswadeb Banerjee
Production Design : Entertainment Ki Jiit

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Sesher Golpo Star Cast :

Soumitra Chatterjee
Mamata Shankar
Kharaj Mukherjee
Pallavi Chatterjee
Kalyan Chatterjee
Krishno Kishore Mukherjee
Pradip Bhattacharya
Arno Mukhopadhyay
Durga Santra
Pradip Chakraborty and others

Trailer :

পুড়ে গেছে চোখ, তবু ভালো হোক । কথার পালক হাওয়ায় হাওয়ায় ।

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