Sasurbari Zindabad Serial Colors Bangla

Sasurbari Zindabad TV serial being aired by Colors Bangla. Lets have a look at its cast, story line, songs et all.

sasurbari zindabad colors bangla
sosurbari jindabad colors bangla

Shasurbari Zindabad Story Line

The story of Sasurbari Zindabad serial spins  around two families namely Sarkar and Ghosh. Mishtu comes from Sarkar family which runs a home made food business, whereas Kingshuk hails from Ghosh family which owns a saree business. Sarkar family is a all-women one and Ghosh family is a all-men one.

Kingshuk also joins their family business of sari and his family members ask him to stay away from women.

But as the destiny had it Mishtu and Kingshuk meet each other and fall in love.

What happens next ?

Cast and Crew :

Shasurbari Zindabad Serial Cast :

Aishwarya Sen as Mishtu Sarkar

Mainak as Kingshuk Ghosh

Anuradha Chakraborty

Rajat Ganguly

Judhajit Banerjee

Kaushik Chakrabarty



Subhrojit among others

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  1. Shreya mondal says:

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  2. Shreya mondal says:

    This show is very interesting and I love this show

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