Mangal Chandi Serial

A new mythological TV serial is on the block named Mangal Chandi which is coming up in Colors Bangla.

Mangal Chandi serial colors Bangla

Story Line :

The show Mangal Chandi is about Devi Chandi an her devotee Khullana. Devi Chandi wishes to have Dhanapati , a merchant of the higher echelons of Ujaninagar to be her devotee. But he is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

Devi Chandi intervenes to make Dhanapati fall in love with Khullana, so that Her plan becomes fruitful. But Dhanapati disagrees to worship Devi and earns Her wrath by doing so. He faces huge material loss and lands up in prison. What happens next ?

Mangal Chandi Serial Cast :

Madhuja as Devi Chandi
Adrija Addy Roy as Khullana
Shamik Chakraborty as Dhanapati

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4 Responses

  1. Mampi says:

    Ai serial ar total kota episode eaktu kao Bolta parban??? Ta Chara sob episode Kano boot a pwa kacha na boot a…khub bhalo ai serial ta

  2. Ishani says:

    Amar ai serial ta khub bhalo…Ami ata puropuri dekhta chai voot a….plz upload this video on voot..

  3. Arohi says:

    Please upload the rest of the video of this serial in voot

  4. Krishna says:

    Kao epi ২০০ r porer episode upload kordan voot a

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