Jol Nupur -Star Jalsa

Jol Nupur Star Jalsa

Story Line :

This serial revolves around a tom-boyish girl, who wants to live life at her own terms.A mild mannered guy falls in love with her, but she does not seem to be game.

A story of a unique relationship, bridge between tradition and the modern presented through a husband and a wife hailing from different backgrounds. It is about how to different cultures and lifestyles meet and so the story charts the journey of Kaju, trying to adapt herself in the city, to establish her own rights and also gain a name for herself independently.


Cast & Crew :

Director & Producer : Shaibal Banerjee (Magic Moments )

Script : Leena Ganguly

Jal nupur Star Jalsa

Star Cast :

Lovely : as Kaju


Souptik Chakraborty : as Arin / Neel

Santu Mukhopadhya  : as Dadu

Anasuya Majumdar as Thakuma

Aparajita Adhya

Bidipta Chakraborty

Sabitri Chattopadhyay

Bishwanath Basu

Diganta Bagchi

Aparajita Adhya

Rajashree among others

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