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Bengali Urban Dictionary entails a number of new or newly coined Bengali words and phrases. These words are widely used, especially in the friend circle. 2019.




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Byapok ( ব্যাপক ) Original meaning “widespread”, now means “terrific”. Example : Gaan ta byapok.
Byatha (ব্যথা ) Means ” having a soft corner for someone”. Example : Prem tem kichchu na boss, just ektu byatha.
Bomke jawa ( বোমকে যাওয়া ) “Getting stunned” or “awe struck”, Example : Boss or oi rup dekhe to amar matha bomke gechhe.
Chaap neoya / chaap (  চাপ নেওয়া ) Getting tense or feel ‘pressured’. Example : Oto chaap neoyar darkar nei, parikshay tui thik pass hoye jaabi. 
Chaata (চাটা ) Means ” irritating someone by striking an unpleasant conversation” . Example : Eto chatis na to.
Ekghor (একঘর )  Original meaning of ‘Ekghore kora’ is ‘to ostracise someone’. But “ekghor” means astounding/impressive. Example : Boss tor bike ta ja hoyeche na … puro ekghor !
Hejano (হেজানো ) “Chatting aimlessly and mindlessly” or “dragging something on and on” Example : Amay lengi mere tumi to Facebook-e dekhchhi din raat hejachchho ?!
Hebby ( হেব্বি ) Originated from the English word ” heavy”. Means “great”. Example : Scene ta hebby hoyechhe.
Jiyo  ( জিও ) Means “bravo”. Example : Kee goal korechis, jiyo !
Jhari kara  ( ঝারি করা ) Means “to flirt” .  Example : Dekh chhele ta keman jhari korchhe !
Jome kheer(জমে ক্ষীর ) Means “a thumping success”. Example : Tor serial ta ekdom jome kheer !
Kelaney ( কেলানে ) Original meaning “peel off” or “bikoshito kara” ( verb : kelano) ,  now means “a grinning dumb guy”  Again,  kelano means “to bash someone up” or “to expose teeth  ( daant keliyo naa)  ” . Example : Achchha kelaney lok maairi.
Kono katha hobena (কোনো কথা হবেনা ) Means “end of the discussion”. As whatever I have said is beyond doubt, so there’s no point saying anything after this. Example : Bhut-adbhut  serial ta darun. Kono katha hobena.
Lyad khaoya(ল্যাদ খাওয়া ) Originated from the word “lethargic”. Means “feeling a lack of energy or a lack of interest in doing things”. Example : Oto lyad khele hobe .. chart ta baniye phel !
Maapa  ( মাপা ) Means “scrutinise someone visually” Example : Boss tor GF amake eman maaplo na, matha garam hoye gechhe !
Madan ( মদন ) Means “A dumb guy”. Example : Arre oi love birds gulo ke eka chhere de…modon ekta.
Mama / Kaka / Mawa ( মামা / কাকা / মাওয়া ) Means “dude”. Used generally in combination with Jiyo. Mawa is a distorted version of Mama. Example : Jiyo kaka  , phatiye diyecho !
Phatiye dewa  ( ফাটিয়ে দেওয়া ) Bengali version of “tussi chhaa gaye ” or “you rocked”.  Example : Kee korechho guru, ekebare phatiye diyechho !
Parina ( পারিনা ) Means ” too good” or “bravo”  Example : Tumi to kanpiye diyechho guru. Parina.
Tan jawa ( ট্যান যাওয়া ) Picked up from Maths, from the word Tangent. Means “could/can not comprehend”. Example : Kee bolcho Boss ? Sab to tan jachchhe !


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