Bengali Cute Love SMS

Bengali cute love SMS. Lets have a look at  these freshly coined love messages that you can share with your girl friends e.g. gf and boy friends e.g. bf or just any pals.


Bengali cute love SMS

Ami tomar sange dekha korte chai na

Tomar sange katha bolte chai na

Tomar katha bhabte chai na





Karon, Doctor amake MISHTI jinis theke dure thakte boleche ! 😉


Ami Pencil noi je tomar bhagye Sukh  likhe dite paarbo..

Kintu ami Eraser hote chai jate tomar sab dukkho muche dite paari !!


Gabhir raater SMS maane ei noy je ami tomake birokto korchi…

Asole er mane Ratre du chokh bandho karar aage Tumi-i sei jan jar katha ami bhabchi !

Shubho Ratri !!


Swapna dekhay ei Prithibi

Swapna bhangay ei Prithibi

Tabuo keno swapna ase swapna bhangar Por !

Sundar ekta swapno asuk tumi ghumiye porar por !!

Shubho Ratri !

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